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Education Champ The Learning App For Students


EducationChamp is the place where you can be the EducationChamp tutor to teach students in an interesting way. EducationChamp tutor registration is the best online tutoring job that you can try to educate students with the best way. EducationChamp will provide you all the tools to be an online tutor.

What is EducationChamp?

EducationChamp is the first aggregator platform for Educational Courses, Colleges and Educators. It is a user-friendly App, which provide students with more opportunities to study. Teachers and Educational Institutions are benefitted from our platform.

We enable our community of users to find suitable courses, find quality tutors and offer the desired services to students. In order to offer you a comprehensive solution, we have come up with a secure and the first App based platform to make it easy for you. How do I Get App? has launched this platform for the betterment of its community. Our App is available for download on Google Play Store.

EducationChamp career

EducationChamp is a website for finding tutors and connecting with students. We are the best online resource for finding qualified and experienced tutors for any subject. We are also the only job board that offers a free trial for tutors. With EducationChamp, you can find the right tutor and start your tutoring career today.

How EducationChamp Works

The Tutees or students that have registered themselves with the EducationChamp App will have the ease of transferring their application status to the platform where the Professors or Placed Representatives will verify their registration with the authentic details.

After the verification stage the Tutees/students will be advised to contact their Placed Representatives How is the App Beneficial to the Student? – It makes it easy for students to receive due assessment on time. It can be extended to other students as well so that they can have a smooth registration. – The reputation of the Tutors gets enhanced as they are ranked with the students that they have placed – As a result, more number of students will get placement with the Top Education experts.

Why EducationChamp

Education Champ
Education Champ

To better coordinate and connect with students for better services. Communication EducationChamp has a very strong communication channel with all tutors. There is a more detailed conversation with tutors on topics and various specialised interests for each tutor.

Sharing Every detail is shared in a disciplined manner between tutors and students. All tutors post their updates, videos and feedback directly on EducationChamp app. Customer support EducationChamp always treats students as their own. These are our students and the success is ours too. Through our customer support, we always act with a human touch.

What are the benefits of EducationChamp? There are some benefits of subscribing to EducationChamp. A player will have to buy some monthly subscription for EducationChamp to use their platform. It is the marketplace where all the tutors are available to students. So when a student wants to hire a tutor they have to login into their account.

After logging in you have to search a tutor by the type of subject, which course they are teaching, and so on. After you find a tutor from the list you have to send an SMS to the given contact address which is on the tutors profile. If you want to hire a tutor for a particular subject then you have to fill the contract form and post the amount of money. We do provide complete information about the persons which helps you to easily make a decision for hiring a tutor.

How Do You Do Join?

Joining EducationChamp as a tutor is simple. You can either create a profile with your qualifications and experience or you can search for jobs that match your skills and interests. Once you find a job that you’re interested in, you can apply directly on our website. We’ll review your application and, if you’re a good fit for the job, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss next steps. It’s really that easy!

Best Education App

EducationChamp is the best education app for parents because it gives them the ability to manage their child’s education from anywhere at any time. Whether they are at work, running errands or on vacation, parents can easily check on their child’s progress, update their academic goals and get alerted of any new assignments or grades. EducationChamp is also the perfect tool for parents who want to homeschool their children, as it offers a wealth of resources and curriculum aligned with state standards.

Education App for Parents

EducationChamp is the perfect app for parents who want to be more involved in their children’s education. It offers an easy way to see what your kids are working on in school, provides helpful resources for parents and teachers, and offers a way for parents to track their child’s progress. EducationChamp is the best education app for parents because it makes it easy to stay organized and involved in your child’s education, no matter where you are.

Home Schooling Tips

For parents who are looking for a more personalized and customizable education for their children, EducationChamp is the perfect app. It offers a variety of resources and tools for parents who want to homeschool their children. The app provides a wide variety of resources, including worksheets, lesson plans, quizzes and more. Additionally, parents have full control over what their children learn and can customize the curriculum to match their child’s needs and interests. EducationChamp is the perfect app for parents who want to ensure their children have a quality education.

Live Classroom Streams

One of the best features of EducationChamp is the live classroom streams. With this feature, parents can see their child in real-time, right from their computer or phone. This makes it easy to see how their child is doing in class, and to help them with any questions or problems they might have. Additionally, this feature allows parents to connect with other parents and teachers in the EducationChamp community.

Quality Education Curriculum

One of the biggest advantages of EducationChamp is its well-constructed curriculum. It is designed by experienced and qualified educators, so you can trust that your child is getting the best education possible. The app emphasizes primary education, so your child can gain a strong foundation in math, English and other key subjects. What’s more, the curriculum is constantly updated to ensure that it meets the latest standards and requirements. This means that you can be confident that your child is learning everything he or she needs to know to succeed in school.

How does it help you?

Tutors get to find their students from the best and create a great network. Pricing & payment gateway Easy to create your profile & content Professionals sign up for free International Students/Academia sign up for paid membership No unclaimed paid students & groups Student registration- Basic subscription- Free Student is free to create as many Groups.

As they want, and for any Student I will allow registration on other Groups that Student has created. Professionals sign up to Premium subscription- Paid Membership- Includes Premium Check & Access, Profiles & Directory, PowerGrid Cheaper than any other App with 22 categories.


EducationChamp App

How does EducationChamp App work?

EducationChamp App has created a platform where Teachers can get education services from other teachers by the direct connection. What is the benefit of this App? Teachers who are not happy with their Schooling facilities and want to improve.

Teachers who wants to work as tutor, Students who wants to get coaching or tutor, Want to get various certificate courses? Then EducationChamp App is right platform where you can come to get best from Teachers. Also if you have any doubt you can contact us and get solution in no time. How to use this App? It’s very simple. You need to download the App from Playstore and register yourself.

Who is the EducationChamp App for?

We hope the EducationChamp App will help Parents, Teachers, students to go through a seamless learning process with no hassle of sending private tutor’s profiles to the right child for the specific topic. EducationChamp App is very good for parents who want to keep track of their child’s learning and track the progress.

Parents can choose who they want their child to learn with What’s in it for the Student ? Well this is a Free and interactive App, so if you are a student and not paying any fees, this App is a good platform to learn from, get help from different teachers and their profiles. What’s the hurry? We would suggest that parents should enrol their child in a class only after they have thoroughly studied the profiles of different tutors.

How to Register As an EducationChamp Tutor

The first step is to create an EducationChamp account. You can do this by clicking on the “Register” button on the top right corner of our website and filling out the necessary information. Once you’re registered, you can login to your account and fill out your tutor profile. This will include your qualifications, teaching experience, and the subjects you’re interested in tutoring. Next, you’ll need to upload your resume and write a brief introduction about yourself. Once your profile is complete, you’re ready to start bidding on jobs!

How can I find a tutor?

1) Visit

2) You can simply search a Tutor with the filter (Based on location) – Kid School, Private School or Degree College.

3) Choose the Student/Tutor you want and the first level of your learning journey begins.

4) Once a Tutor is selected by you, you are sent a notification with the link to access their profile and further your relationship with the tutor.

5) You can add as many tutors as you want and can also recommend a tutor to your friends or parents.

6) Once you enter the digital interaction with the tutor, it’s a binding contract of 24 hours for each course or lecture that the tutor is delivering to you.

7) This way you have a tutor who will be available to you, for any question you have about anything you need to learn.

How do I know if my tutor is good?

A. Tutor Centre educationchamp Who are the people in the EducationChamp’s Team? Rashi Agarwal, Sr. Business Head & Co-founder Pankaj Gupta, Co-founder Shashank Kaushik, Co-founder Manish Aneja, Co-founder Sanjeev Mohanty, COO Vijay Kumar, CTO Milind Bhandari, COO Mudit Bhave, Director.

Operations How do I find the best Tutor? A. Visit the tutor centre, here one can find out the best tutor for that topic and click on him. B. Sit back, relax and wait for the tutor to invite you to the app. C. Get started with the tutor with the help of some of the questions. What are the advantages of the EducationChamp App for students ?

What are the benefits of EducationChamp?

1. It’s Helping 1 in every 6 kids study in homes.

2. You can play games on the go.

3. It saves time and effort of parents.

4. You can access high quality teachers to solve your problems.

5. Save money on school fees.

6. De-clutter your schedule.

7. Reach students where they are.

8. You can connect with students for career guidance.

9. Use technology to achieve excellence in the classroom. Why do you believe that you are the best tutor ?

10. Our first attraction is that EducationChamp provides a 24×7 support to its users. All tutors are certified in subjects of Math, Science, Economics, English etc.

11. Education Champ’s functionality and unique features can not be found anywhere. The user can get answers to their questions instantly with just 1 click.


The Ounce Experience starts as a platform where people can get tutored and get coaching and complete the courses on their own schedule, and from there to other learning contents in order to grow as an individual. The EducationChamp Learning App has both virtual, as well as physical teaching content. It will further strengthen the tie with schools, etc for specific concepts and chapters.

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