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Today Students are so smart that they can comprehend the whole syllabus in just 2-3 days. This is a big issue in schools because we need teachers to teach the students all the subjects. Sometimes the teachers also use the students for copying and marking the correct answers. This issue can easily be solved with online Exam Planner. Today, SchoolChamp Exam Planner is available on the web with free lessons so that students can improve their studying skills. SchoolChamp also offers preparation guides which help students to learn the topics in class and to study them thoroughly in school. If you have any queries related to SchoolChamp exam preparation and test preparation we have set up a web chat page so that you can talk to our team and ask your question.

How does work? works by selling all the books, NCERT, Updated books (WB), IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE, I-9, I-10, I-11, IB, Reference Books, Competitive Exam Books, Stationery, DPS Books. School Champ also offers customised packages at lower costs. If you need a specific book, SchoolChamp offers you the cheapest and latest edition. These are unique packages that will fulfill your requirements and requirements. There are no more books in the catalog and the prices are too low. They offer the best deals and lowest prices in the market. So, it’s all about availability of stock and your special needs. What are the requirements of a student? The number of books that are required are students are very simple. You just need to fill up the form and provide the details.

What are school books?

A book is a collection of written material that is intended to help students learn or perform a specific task. One of the most significant advantages of books is that they are mostly easily available to the majority of people. Every student needs at least one. Schoolbook or textbook is also used to describe the students learning materials. What is the difference between school books and study material? In brief, a study material is the end product that the student gets from studying a certain subject or topic, for example an audio book or a video. A schoolbook is usually a work of a particular author or publisher. Who can buy school books online For all schools and student, provides you exclusive online access to the best schoolbooks.

SchoolChamp Online Bookstore

A leading online book store for all competitive exam preparatory materials online for students who are aspiring for any competitive examinations. Our endeavour is to provide quality education to every student regardless of their background and eligibility. We cater to students from 3rd to 12th standard CBSE or CBSE boards, all State Boards as well as private schools. We also provide competitive exam preparation books from National Cadet Corps, NCC, NSS, NCC Recruitment, Army Training Centres, Air Force Academy and many more. From the top: We aim to provide you the most superior learning resources so that you can take your journey ahead to the top.

CBSE, NCERT, and State Board Textbooks

Every month 30 million people order the over 4000 textbooks published by We buy and sell the textbooks by stock and top quality. Our team has 20 years of experience and our trained sales team are experts in their respective fields. Customers can get latest CBSE and NCERT books including books for science, commerce and vocational courses. We offer CBSE, HSC, all state board books as well as stationery items. Our price is very competitive, it may be much less than the retail price of a book. The pricing is fair. We provide best service. We have very experienced and qualified staff. We provide quality education materials. We work for following subjects:

1. All subjects are approved and classified.

2. We have quality control departments.

Stationery Items

Candidates do spend most of the time in buying composition, thank you notes, and stationary items but they should pay attention to buy them right. That is because every time you spend money on such articles you invest in strengthening your future. Every time you buy composition, thank you notes, and stationary items you invest in strengthening your future. Therefore, choose Stationery Books and Supplies from an online store like SchoolChamp who offers the best of affordable grades. SchoolChamp exclusive high-quality products are divided into various categories like; Forms; Notebook; Materials for Leaving and Completing Schools; Letter sheets; Tablet covers; Binders; Erasers, etc. All the products are available with a minimum order value of Rs.1000.

Competitive Exams and Entrance Exams

Let SchoolChamp Take care of your complete Study and Book procurement requirements and help you get best preparation books. We Buy For Entrance Exams For CBSE, Class 10th Maths & Science We purchase all competitive exams for all the state boards. We have competitive exams for CBSE, CBSE APS, CBSE, CBSE Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, CBSE Panchayat, and CBSE Commerce. And also for the entrance exams such as IGNOU, JNU, KVPY, UGC NET.


These days it is very important to study the standard syllabus of class 10th. Students of such exam boards should check these books regularly. Such books are available at very low prices on You can use any payment mode available like Paytm and Amazon pay. Make sure to get the revision guides and study material at the earliest.

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