Tulsidas Biography

Tulsidas Biography




Tulsidas is one of the most celebrated figures in Hinduism. Popularly known as Goswami Tulsidas, this poet-saint is famous for having written the epic Ramcharitmanas, which is a retelling of the epic Ramayana, the story of Lord Rama. Tulsidas’ work is one of the most popular works of literature in the Hindi language, and it is credited with raising the literary and spiritual atmosphere of northern India. It is also considered to be the greatest book of poetry in Hindi. Today, Tulsidas is honoured as the fifth avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, who took the form of Krishna to save the world.

Early Life – Childhood, Birth, Lifestyle

Tulsidas was born on August 13, 1532, in the town of Soron, in what is now the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He was born in a Brahmin family. Tulsidas’ father, Venkata Ram Bhatt, was a scholar of Sanskrit and Persian, while his mother, Sumitra, was a pious woman who spent most of her time in devotional worship. Tulsidas was brought up in an atmosphere of piety and religious education. From a young age, he showed a keen interest in religious scriptures and philosophy. His father also taught him to read and write at an early age.

Early Career – Education, Influence

What is the difference between Tulsidas Ramayana and Valmiki Ramayana

Tulsidas was born in the town of Soron in 1532. His father was a Brahmin named Atmaram Shukla and his mother was Menaka. Tulsidas was a bright child and showed an early interest in learning and literature. He was educated in Hindi and Sanskrit from a young age. Tulsidas was greatly influenced by the teachings of Ramananda, a famous Hindi saint. He also became a disciple of Shri Raghav Chaitanya, a Vaishnava religious teacher. Tulsidas is revered as one of the greatest poets of Hindi literature. His most famous work is the Ramcharitmanas, a retelling of the Ramayana in Hindi.

The Man Who Gave Us ‘Ramcharitmanas ‘- Antar katha, Ram Katha

Tulsidas was born in the town of Soron in the present-day Kausambi district of Uttar Pradesh, India. He was born to the brahmin couple, Atma Ram and Sumitra Devi. Tulsidas started composing poetry in Braj Bhasa at a very early age. He was married to Ratnavali. The couple had a son, whom they named Kesavdas. Tulsidas spent most of his life in Varanasi, where he died in 1623. Tulsidas is best known as the author of the Ramcharitmanas, a retelling of the Ramayana in the vernacular dialect of Hindi, popularly known as Awadhi.

His Later Years – Achievements, Legacy

Tulsidas Jyanti Story About Tulsidas And Wife Ratnawali

Tulsidas spent the last phase of his life in Varanasi. He composed many religious hymns and poems, the most notable of which is the Ramcharitmanas, a retelling of the Ramayan in vernacular Hindi. This work is considered a masterpiece and is beloved by Hindus all over the world. Tulsidas was also recognized by the Mughal Emperor Akbar, who presented him with the title of ‘Goswami’ (lord of saints). Tulsidas’ legacy is immense, and his works continue to be revered to this day.

Tulsidas – The Saint Every Indian Needs to Know

Tulsidas was one of the most revered saints of India. He is best known for his retelling of the Ramayana, the Ramcharitmanas, considered to be one of the greatest works of Indian literature. Tulsidas was born in the town of Soron in Uttar Pradesh, and spent his life in devotion to the Hindu god Rama. He also composed devotional poetry in praise of Rama, and is considered one of the most important Hindu poets of all time. If you’re looking for a saint to learn about and emulate, Tulsidas is a great choice. He embodies the qualities of devotion, compassion, and self-sacrifice, and is a true example of how to live a life in service of God.


Tulsidas is best known for his epic work Ramcharitmanas, which popularized the worship of Rama and transformed the story of Ramayana into a vast collection of verses that are recited to this day. His works include ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ and ‘Vinaya Patrika’. Tulsidas was revered by people from all walks of life including Maharaja Shivaji, Kabir and even Emperor Akbar.

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