Thiruvalluvar Biography

Thiruvalluvar Biography


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Tiruvalluvar is known as one of the most prominent literary figures in Tamil culture. He is the author of Thirukkural, the most important book in Tamil literature. Born in the humble surroundings of Mylapore, Tiruvalluvar’s story is something of a rags-to-riches tale. He lived during the time of the Tamil classical age, the Sangam period. He is known as a philosopher, sage, and poet. We have compiled a brief excerpt on the life of this illustrious figure.

Who was Thiruvalluvar?

Thiruvalluvar was a great Tamil philosopher who lived in the ancient times. He is best known for authoring the Thirukkural, a book of ethical teachings that is still studied and revered today. What makes Thiruvalluvar’s teachings so enduring is his simple, yet profound, insights into human nature. He explores a variety of subjects, such as love, wisdom, justice and renunciation, and offers valuable advice on how to live a good life. Though he is best known for his work in philosophy, Thiruvalluvar was also a skilled poet and administrator.

Thiruvalluvar’s philosophy

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Thiruvalluvarism is a philosophy based on the teachings of the Tamil poet and philosopher, Thiruvalluvar. His work, the Tirukkuṟaḷ, is revered as an exceptional and widely cherished work of Tamil literature. The philosophy stresses the importance of ethics, and places a strong emphasis on self-discipline, honesty, and equality.

Thiruvalluvar’s life

Thiruvalluvar was born sometime in the 1st century CE in a village near modern-day Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. Very little is known about his early life, except that he was a weaver by profession. Thiruvalluvar married at a young age and had a daughter. Some scholars believe that he may have served as a government official in a district near Madurai. In the latter part of his life, he is believed to have lived as a recluse near Kanchipuram. It was here that he wrote the Tirukkuṟaḷ, which is thought to have been completed sometime in the 4th century CE.

An excerpt of Thiruvalluvar’s work

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In the book, Thiruvalluvar urges his readers to lead a meaningful life by adhering to virtues such as honesty, humility, and compassion. He also stresses the importance of self-discipline, education, and economic independence. Above all, Thiruvalluvar preaches the importance of love and compassion for others. According to him, love is the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life.


Thiruvalluvar’s exact dates are not known, but he lived sometime between the first and third centuries AD. He was a Tamil poet and philosopher who wrote on ethics, morality, law and love. His work is considered one of the masterpieces of Indian literature. What we do know about Thiruvalluvar comes from his writing in books such as the Thirukkural. This ancient book is still studied today by people all over India for its philosophical nature that can help to solve everyday problems.

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