Mirabai Biography

Mirabai Biography


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The Indian tradition of Bhakti or devotion to God has been a tradition that has been transmitted from the earliest time to the present day. It is a tradition whose appeal is universal and which has drawn people from all cultures and religions. Mirabai was a saint who lived in the sixteenth century and who was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. Mirabai was born as Meera in a family of Rajputs or princely lineage.

Early Life of Mirabai

The five-pronged devotion of Mirabai that won over Krishna

Mirabai was born in the year 1498, in a small town in Rajasthan, India. She was a bright and talented child, and showed a marked interest in spiritual matters from a young age. Her parents were eager to see her enter into an arranged marriage, but Mirabai had other plans. She had discovered her love for singing and poetry, and she wanted to devote herself to spiritual pursuits. Against her family’s wishes, Mirabai ran away from home to join a group of traveling holy men and women.

Mirabai’s Devotion to Krishna

Mirabai was a Hindu mystic and devotee of Krishna. She was born in a royal family, but chose to renounce the world to devote herself to her love of Krishna. She is famous for her poetry, which expresses her intense love for her lord. Mirabai’s poems are still popular today and are a source of inspiration for many people. Her simple, heartfelt verses reflect her deep devotion to Krishna and her unreserved love for him.

Mirabai’s Wisdom and Work

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Mirabai was a devotee of Lord Krishna and dedicated her life to singing his praises. She also composed thousands of poems on the divine love between Radha and Krishna. Mirabai’s wisdom was vast and her work was tireless. She is an inspiration to all of us who long for a life of devotion and love.

Death of Mirabai

No one knows for sure how Mirabai died. It’s possible she died of natural causes, but it’s also possible she was assassinated. Her death was quite sudden and mysterious, and there are many legends and stories surrounding it. What we do know is that she was an incredible poet and devotee, and her legacy lives on to this day.

Her Spiritual Legacy

Mirabai devoted herself to her spiritual practice and spent her life singing and writing devotional poetry in praise of the Hindu gods and goddesses. Her poetry has been passed down through oral tradition for centuries and is still celebrated and read today. Mirabai’s spiritual journey was one of liberation and self-transformation. She was able to break free from the binds of societal expectations and find true happiness and freedom in her own heart. Her legacy continues to inspire people around the world to connect with their own divine nature and celebrate life’s joys.


Mirabai was a poet and devotional singer who lived in India during the 16th century. She is known for her devotion to Krishna, through whom she found liberation from worldly attachments.

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