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We are living in a virtual era. Everything around us is completely, or partially connected with a virtual medium. Students these days are very ambitious to learn and excel in their studies and career irrespective of the linguistic or economic barriers. Although there are plenty of free content available on the web, students prefer to be coached, especially for competitive examinations like JEE, CET or NEET. Many new-age technology providers are considering this as an opportunity to come up with problem-solving apps or products. 

Although edtech providers these days strive to meet these expectations, most of them fail to meet them. The learners mostly are left alone with  unsatisfactory results as the platforms are unable to provide good quality coaching. 

GetMiClass, an innovative ed-tech product, was developed by Manipal Technologies Limited to bridge the gap between students and the new age curriculum for competitive exams like JEE, NEET and CET. The platform is designed to meet the new age expectations to overcome hurdles and achieve great results cost-effectively. The team believes that English could be a barrier in understanding concepts for most of the students in India and therefore vernacular content could bring great offerings to them. Although the exams might be in English, a thorough understanding of the concepts defined in their mother tongue can show wonders. 

Alternate learning models are not necessarily bringing quality learning light on pockets. But the curriculum of GetMiClass is designed to exceed such expectations at a very light cost. 

GetMiClass explains complex concepts effortlessly using videos curated by outstanding subject experts. This platform offers effective mediums – from mock tests to expert one-on-one sessions, to help every learner achieve immaculate success. 

The platform offers world-class coaching from India’s top educators in an affordable price range compared to its competitors. Here is an overview of the innovative modules and features of GetMiClass. 

Mock tests for intensive preparation

The app offers a vibrant mock test feature with a dynamic question and solution system. The user can seamlessly attend mock tests curated for the course they have opted for. 

Live classes for doubt clearance

This is one of the recent additions to the GetMiClass app. All the subscribed users can easily login into their accounts to attend live classes, Doubt clearing sessions and subject-oriented tutorials hosted periodically 

Responsive mobile and web app

Learning is simplified by improving the accessibility of the app for students. Since it’s a responsive app, the user can easily access and attend the classes from any device of their choice. 

Video illustrations

The student can learn with video illustrations designed for each question specifically. While learning or attending the mock tests, the user is given the option to watch and learn using these detailed video illustrations. The video solutions focus on smart learning techniques for students to save time.

NCERT subject synopsis

The app offers chapter-wise synopsis for NCERT 11th and 12th-grade syllabuses. Instead of reading and analysing large content pieces, the learner can easily comprehend the principles and ideas for each subject. 

Neatly curated for NEET, JEE and CET

NEET, JEE and CET are some of the most coveted competitive exams in India. The learning material with GetMiClass is perfectly curated by understanding the hacks and tricks to crack them with ease. The content is orchestrated carefully with an exam point of view to avoid ambiguities. 

The investors are sinking into edtech opportunities, and the field is evolving fast with many technological innovations and trends. With simplified learning opportunities and top-notch applications, India is also propelling forth this significant transformation. With GetMiClass, MTL is also joining the league. So, if you are an aspiring candidate for NEET, JEE or CET, make sure to check this affordable product that offers innovative opportunities and learning modules. 

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