Atulprasad Sen Biography

Atulprasad Sen Biography

Atulprasad Sen

Atulprasad Sen
Atulprasad Sen


Dr. Atulprasad Sen is a famous Indian mathematician. He made significant contributions to the fields of geometry and number theory. His most famous research contributions include a theorem on a special kind of a circle. In addition to his career as a mathematician, he served as a Professor of Mathematics at the Presidency College, Calcutta from 1946 to 1979.

Early Life and Family

Atulprasad Sen was born in the town of Krishnagar, in the Nadia district of Bengal Presidency, British India on 20 October 1871, Dhaka, Bangladesh. His was the youngest of seven children. Both of his parents were schoolteachers. His father, Debendranath Sen, was a follower of Brahmoism, a liberal Hindu reform movement. His mother, Hemangini Devi, was a devout Hindu. From an early age, Atul was interested in mathematics and the sciences.

Career and Contributions

Atulprasad Sen family

After completing his undergraduate studies, Atulprasad Sen started his career as a lecturer at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. He then moved to the Indian Statistical Institute, where he held various positions, including Deputy Director and Director. It was during his tenure at the Indian Statistical Institute that he made several significant contributions to the field of statistics. He is particularly known for his work on Bayesian inference, multivariate analysis, and time series analysis. He also helped develop the theory of sufficiency, which is now a cornerstone of modern statistics. In addition to his work in statistics, he also made major contributions to the fields of mathematics and economics.

Last Days

It was during his last days that Atul Prasad Sen wrote some of his most memorable songs. His health had been deteriorating for some time, and he passed away on 26 August 1934. He was 62 years old. Even in his final days, he composed and sang with the same passion that had characterised his work throughout his life. After his death, his music continued to inspire new generations of Bengali musicians.


In conclusion, Atul Prasad Sen was a very talented musician and composer who contributed a lot to Bengali music. He also worked in other fields such as law, social work and education, and was very well-respected in the community. We hope this article has given you a better understanding of his life and work.


Atul Prasad Sen age

In the 1950, Atul Prasad Sen composed some of his most memorable songs. He set his poetry to music, and his lyrics were imbued with a new sense of political and social awareness. His songs reflected the changing times and the growing nationalist sentiment in Bengal. His compositions were also increasingly influenced by classical ragas, and he began to experiment with new form and structure in his music. Sen’s songs were not only popular among the general public, but were also appreciated by classical musicians and scholars.


The 1960 were a time of great political, social and artistic turbulence. This was also a time when Atul Prasad Sen was at the height of his creative powers. After marrying in 1962, Sen began to experiment with a wider range of ragas and styles in his music. He composed several patriotic songs during this time, as well as songs that addressed contemporary social issues. His work during the 1960s is seen by many as his most experimental and innovative.


Raagini Maestros: Atul Prasad

In the 1970, Sen’s work became more experimental. He began to explore new tonalities and harmonies, breaking away from the traditional structure of Bengali music. His compositions were often inspired by nature, which he would reflect in his lyrics. He also started to experiment with new instruments, including the sitar and synthesizer. Sen’s work in the 1970s is considered some of his most creative and innovative.

Later life and last days

Atul Prasad Sen spent his last days in Kolkata. He was bed-ridden for a long time and was constantly monitored by a team of specialists. His health started deteriorating from 1970 onwards and he finally breathed his last on 1 December 1972. In his lifetime, he won many prestigious awards such as the Padma Shri, the first-ever Ranjit Singhsahitya Puraskar, the first-ever Sur Singar Samman, the first-ever Shiromani Gaurav Samman and the first-ever Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowship.


In the beginning of his career, he worked as a lawyer and was a social worker. His first song came out in the year 1917. He was not only a great singer but also an outstanding composer who is popular for composing many songs related to Tagore’s poems which have been sung by various singers. Atul Prasad Sen lived till 100 years of age and had set up an example of dedication, hard work and contribution towards art and culture before passing away on 11 June 1980 at Kolkata, West Bengal, India after living for 96 years.

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